Butcher Meat Boxes: Which one fits your needs best?

 Ordering a meat box online can be a daunting experience for the first timer but it doesn’t have to be.

Butchers are investing more towards online deliveries today. The process of ordering and delivering a meat pack is becoming smoother and more efficient as the popularity of having your meat delivered to your door grows.

Whether you are a mum of three who is too busy to go to your local shops or an avid gym junkie looking for the best quality of meat for their diet, there is always going to be a meat pack that can be delivered overnight to your door.

But which one? Well, here are a few things to consider.


I need good meat for my BBQ.

Nobody wants to cook for all their guests and have them turn around and say, “the meat was tough” or “that burger was awful”.

Most good butchers should offer a next day delivery service which means you can go online, find a reputable butcher and have good quality meat at your door ready for your guests arriving at the weekend.

Source a pack that has plenty chicken steaks, a variety of burgers, some grass-fed steaks and handmade sausages and your BBQ will be a huge success.


Do l want to cook a variety of meals?

If you enjoy cooking different meals day to day then diversity is exactly what to look for in your meat box. Look for different meats such as pork, chicken, stew, mince and in different cuts. Most online butchers will offer diced products and cut strips which will save you time and allow you to expand your meal variance.


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Do l want a lean meat pack?

A Protein Box would be the first option. Chicken and Turkey are full of protein and have very little fat.  They are commonly used to aid weight loss and are the go-to meal for gym enthusiasts.  Always check that the Chicken is Grade A, to ensure the best quality. Grade A chicken ensures that you're getting chicken that has the least physical deformities, tears or abnormalities.

Most online butchers will offer a chicken and mince pack as good quality mince is full of nutrients and has very low fat content. You should be looking for steak mince that is less than 5% fat and sourced from a good quality farm.


The full breakfast

For many people, a full fry up is a must on a Sunday morning. Waking up to the smell of delicious cooked sausages is personally my favourite.

Almost every online butcher will offer some sort of Breakfast Box. This can include everything from pork or steak sausages to black or white pudding,  bacon and eggs. 

Here’s a good tip for you. Personally, l prefer naturally skinned sausages compared to those made of artificial casings.  Ask your online butcher what kind of casings they use and ask if they are natural.


I want some good steaks

How many times have you cooked yourself a steak and thought it was awful? Probably more than once. There is a huge variety of meat online provided by outstanding butchers who have sourced the best cuts from across Irish farms.

Look for an online butcher that will cut the steak the day it leaves the shop and vac pack it so that it arrives fresh the next day. Look for a steak pack that includes some Ribeye, Sirloin or Fillet steak that is bred in the UK and grass fed all year round.


To buy meat Packs online, why not visit our online butchers shop at: 


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