Got extra time on your hands? Why not try an economical cut that really benefit from long slow cooking?

  Usually we all live life at such a fast pace that there is no time for some of the old recipes that you might remember from your childhood. But in these unprecedented times, maybe the silver lining is that some of us at least have more time than usual to really get into the enjoyment of cooking.

So if you find yourself with a bit more time why not try a slow cooked shin of beef. And as it is also very wallet friendly, that’s an extra benefit on top!

Slow cooked shin of beef

Beef shin can be used for a rich and delicious stew that is even better when made the day ahead and left to chill overnight. Beef shin comes from the foreshank, which is full of muscle and the connective tissues can make the meat very tough. The secret to turning this into an unctuous stew is to cook it low and slow in order to break down all the fibres which then thicken the sauce in which it is cooked. Make sure you add the bones to the pot, as the bone marrow adds a real depth of flavour and richness to your sauce.
Add onions of course and a selection of your favourite root veg, plus 2 litres of stock for every kg of meat. Dust the meat in seasoned flour and then brown the meat and veg first in a little oil and then simmer gently (for around 2 hours if using 1 kg of meat). You can substitute some of the stock for ale or stout, to give an even richer taste and add your favourite herbs like bay leaves or rosemary. Served with mounds of buttery mash, there is no greater comfort food for times like these.
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