Tasty Ideas with Mince

It’s always useful to have a few packs of mince in the freezer. It’s so versatile and quick to cook.

But what happens when you are fed up with Spaghetti Bolognese? Here’s another great tasty idea with mince, for when you feel like a change


Keema (Beef Curry)

Keema is a traditional Asian dish made with mince - flavoured with spicy curry powder and you can add carrots and potatoes for extra flavour and texture
First of all brown the mince. 500g is enough for four people. Then, in a separate pan, cook an onion, with a couple of garlic cloves and a little chopped ginger with some seasoning on a low heat until soft. Then add curry powder, to taste, a couple of large diced potatoes and two or three large carrots, and cook for a few mins more.
Then stir in a good squeeze of tomato purée, 500ml of vegetable stock, and the browned beef and cook on a medium heat for 20 mins, finally adding some frozen peas towards the end of the cooking time. You can then serve with rice or naan for a quick and filling family meal that won’t break the bank.
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