Your Guide to Buying a Steak Box

What to look for when buying steak online:

We all like to indulge from time to time and, in my opinion, there is nothing more exciting than receiving a steak box full of all the most tender and juicy red meat on the market.

For those of you looking to find out a little more about your steaks of choice then here are some tips for you:

Which cut of beef makes the best steak?

If you are not too sure as which is your favourite type of steak, then look for a steak box with a range of options. Some people like a little fat on their steak and might opt for a cut of Striploin and then there are individuals who would rather the steak was nice and tender and would prefer a piece of Fillet.  My recommendation would be to look for a steak box that consists of a mixture of Sirloin, Striploin, Ribeye and maybe even a decent Fillet or T-Bone/Porterhouse.

Does origin or provenance make our steak better?

Now, l am not saying that if you buy a steak which is born, bred and slaughtered in Ireland it is going to taste better compared to another country. However, according to Board Bia 52% of consumers preferred their meat to come from the Ireland.

This is probably due to the strict controls in place regarding the treatment of the animal throughout the farming process as well as the type of feed being used. Personally, l would always look for a Steak Box that declares the meat is of Irish origin.


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Which is best… grass fed or grain fed beef?

Grass fed cows tend to be viewed as better in quality. They typically come with higher concentrations of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins.

Grain fed cows are fed a diet based on corn and soy at some point in their lives. Since cows have primarily grazed from natural pastures throughout generations, any other diet is generally deemed unnatural. Some of these cows may also be fed various animal by-products and hormones.  Least to say at The Butcher's Block all our beef is 100% grass-fed. 

Find out what method of feeding the steak in your meat box has been fed before you decide.

When was the meat cut?

If you want the freshest and most tender meat in your steak pack, then find out when the meat is cut before being sent out for delivery. Some meat comes frozen and therefore could have been cut many days, or even weeks, then frozen before being packaged and sent as and when needed.

Any good butcher will offer their steak cut and packaged on the same day they are sent out to the customer.

Lastly, ask your butcher for advice!

If you really want to get the best advice, then ask the people with the best knowledge. Speak to the butcher you are buying your steak pack from and get every question answered. Our Master butchers are the experts and will guide you throughout the whole process. The knowledge base of some butchers is incredible and these people really do know what there talking about.


If you have any questions about buying one of our Steak Boxes why not “ask the butcher”, simply visit our Contact page and fill in the inquiry form.

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