Marinated Chicken Fillets x 5

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We all have busy lives & sometimes we don’t have the time for preparation of simple dishes, with this in mind we have a range of delicious marinades. We have taken our natural chicken fillets, lathered them in our marinade, so the tender chicken absorbs the added flavour. These are best taken from the fridge & rested to take the chill from them, then ideal in a hot pan till nice ‘n Brown on the outside, juicy & tender on the inside. The marinade will bring out the flavour of the chicken so you get the perfect bite every time you use them.

Cooking Instructions


These chicken breasts are skinless and boneless and can be cooked in many different ways.

Enjoy whole, diced in a pie or as part of a stir fry; the meat is of such quality it will enhance the flavour and texture of any meal.

If you want something quick and easy - simply pan-fry the fillets in a hot pan for 2-3 minutes per side, then rest for up to 5 minutes before serving.

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