Our Story

 We are The Butchers Block, an independent family-run established in 1975.  We have become one of Ireland's most respected butchers, supplying our loyal customers, with the very best of Irish meat rating highly in provenance, welfare, and flavour.

Customer Care

Our shops across the country, pride themselves on their friendly service, passion for good food, and combined years of expertise help customers get the best out of their meat, whatever their requirements. We are extremely proud of how far we have come and continue to strive towards being the best.

Local Irish Farms

Our meat is predominantly sourced from small farms, as well as our own. We only select breeds that are known for yielding the best meat in the world, with all natural diets and slow growth producing excellent marbling and fat content, allowing a superior depth of flavour. Sustainability is also a priority among our farmers – livestock on these farms contribute to a biodiverse landscape contrary to the destructive nature associated with much larger scale farms.

We are notoriously picky

Only the best of the best makes The Butcher's Block grade. Decades of experience go into inspecting every single carcass. The knowledge that goes into examining the muscle tone, fat covering and marbling of each animal is what sets us apart. If our expert inspectors don’t judge it to be absolutely perfect, they turn it away at the door.