Sharing Steak

Sharing Steaks

Introducing a new concept in enjoying your favourite steaks. Once these spectacular double portioned steaks have been seared, cooked and rested to perfection, slice them at the table to pick and mix with friends and family - or perhaps just you and one special other!

Aged Fillet & Pave

Sharing Box for 4

1 Aged Fillet Steak, 320g
1 Aged Pavé Rump Steak, 320g

T-bone Steaks

2, bone-in, 450g each

Fillet and striploin together in one premium, dry aged steak.

Sharing Box for 4

1 Aged Ribeye Steak, 450g
1 Aged Striploin, 450g

Aged Fillet Sharing
320g/over 11oz

Delicate flavour and melt in the mouth
tenderness make this one of the most sought after steaks.

The steak lover's steak. The intense burst of flavour and succulent juiciness that ribeye provides comes from the heavy marbling throughout..

The perfect balance between full flavour and delicate texture. The best of both worlds!

The beefy flavour explosion of rump - big enough to share. A lean cut which doesn't compromise on flavour.